The 99ers:
Stand Up and Surf

Released: November, 2008

CD $15


  1. We Are The 99ers
  2. Stand Up And Surf
  3. My Little BSA
  4. Tallahassee Lassie
  5. When The Surf Is Calling You
  6. Our Ramones
  7. He's A Doll
  8. Beatnik Babe
  9. Who Said (Surf Was Over)?
  10. My Boyfriend Hates Surf Music
  11. What Does A Scouser Do In The Fall?
  12. Bovver Boy
  13. (You Can't Take) My Boyfriend's Woody
  14. (I Wanna) 99er
  15. Surfing The UK
  16. The Surf At Santa Fe
  17. Bad Wahini
  18. Queen Of The Surf
Imagine if the Ramones had grown up in Honolulu, the Sex Pistols had been a Beach Boys Cover band, and Brian Wilson had written songs with Joe Strummer and you have The 99ers, a positive punk surf band from the landlocked Midwest. With a roar of guitars generating a tsunami of energy, and Molly Holley's vocals soaring atop the wave of sound, The 99ers will come thundering into your life. "Stand Up and Surf" contains 18 instant classics for you to blast out as you ride your woodie to the beach (or the office). If you like surf and hotrod vocal music performed with the power of punk then "Stand Up and Surf" is the wave you've been waiting to ride.

File under: Surf, Garage, Punk

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