The Hi-Risers:
Lost Weekend

Released: November 2003

   CD $15


  1. I Found My Baby (On My Lost Weekend)
  2. Spinout City
  3. A Girl On Either Arm
  4. Tightrope
  5. Bugle Ann
  6. Ghost Of The Surfer Girl
  7. In A Place Like This
  8. Mile Long Mean Streak
  9. Spook Hill
  10. You Made Me Look Like Keith
  11. Seven Days
  12. Wild Romance
  13. Marry Crazy Mary
  14. Call Me The Wolfman
  15. Bigfoot
  16. Finger Poppin' Time
The Hi-Risers have been rockin' the Rochester, NY music scene with their unpretentious rock-n-roll for more than 10 years. Their sound is an eclectic mix of rockabilly, surf and 60's frat rock, with a little country twang thrown in for good measure. Check out personal favorites “Spinout City” and “Bugle Ann.”

File under: Pop, Rock

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