The Hi-Risers:
That Rock & Roll Beat

Released: December 2004

CD $15


  1. Top Shelf
  2. That Rock & Roll Beat
  3. I Sleep With My Guitar
  4. You Can Call Me Chuckles
  5. Chasin' Women, Catchin' Hell
  6. Ex-Appeal
  7. Ready Teddy
  8. Daddy Mows The Grass
  9. Houdini
  10. My Red Kazoo
  11. (Let's Dance) The Freeze
  12. Flat Top
  13. It's Still Saturday Night
  14. She's Just Not My Wife
  15. My Big Fat Baby
  16. Your Last Goodbye
The Hi-Risers hail from rockin' Rochester and they have been "rockin" Rochester for close to 20 years now. They were just voted 'best original band' in the City Newspaper. Following in the eclectic tradition of such bands as The Skeletons and NRBQ, The Hi Risers throw in elements of rockabilly, pop, and 60's garage to come up with their rock'n'roll gumbo. Music fans of all genres will dig the well crafted tunes and spot on harmonies. Greg Townson's songwriting and guitar chops are first class. These guys are currently on tour with Los Straitjackets and making a name for themselves around the country.

File under: Pop, Rock

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