Stumbleweeds -Evil On Your Mind
The Stumbleweeds:
Evil On Your Mind

Released: May 2006

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  1. Evil On Your Mind
  2. Baby I Still Love You
  3. A Girl Don't Have To Drink (To Have Fun)
  4. Had Enough
  5. Saving My Love
  6. Only Mama That'll Walk The Line
  7. Hard Times Ahead
  8. Running Out Of Money
  9. Look Out Heart
  10. Doggone Thing
  11. My Baby Just Walked Right Out On Me
  12. The Trouble With Girls
  13. I Love You Because
  14. Pennsyltucky
  15. Tearin' Up The Town
The Stumbleweeds are a Boston-based band with a hard-driving classic country/rockabilly sound and a leaning towards the 1960s. The band was started by lead vocalist Lynnette Lenker who also plays acoustic guitar. She is joined by Dennis Kelly on lead guitar, Jack Hanlon on stand-up bass, Johnny Cote on drums, and newest member, Lisa Beauregard on backing vocals.

File under: Country/Rockabilly
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