The Modern Don Juans:
The Modern Don Juans

Released: March, 15 2011

CD $15


  1. Turned Out A Fool
  2. If You Wish
  3. Two Pints Of Thunderbird
  4. Jump Shake And Move
  5. One More Try
  6. The Regret
  7. I'm Your Lover
  8. No Rhyme Or Reason
  9. Lay It On The Line
  10. Does It Matter
  11. Courtin' Two Women
  12. It's A Mystery
The Modern Don Juans are a collaboration of four rock and roll diehards who have been in some of the most prominent Rockabilly bands on the scene. Living in Austin, Texas, this Lone Star concoction of Rockabilly, Rock and Roll, Blues and all that is rockin' includes Tony Estrada (Star Mountain Dreamers), Bobby Trimble (Big Sandy & his Fly Rite Boys), Tjarko Jeen (Ronnie Dawson) and Todd Wulfmeyer (Marti Brom & her Jet Tone Boys). 12 originals recorded over a 12 hour stretch and produced by High Noon's Shaun Young.

File under: Rockabilly/Rock and Roll

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