The Outta Sites:
Rock & Dance Party

Released: September 12, 2014

CD $15

LP $20


  1. Let Yourself Go (C. Sprague, P Curry)
  2. Shake, Shout & Go (B. Diamond, L. Thatcher)
  3. Never Have I Seen (C. Sprague)
  4. Peanut Butter (H.B Barnum, M. Cooper)
  5. That Driving Beat (W. Mitchell)
  6. Please Don't Cry (C. Sprague)
  7. Good Good Lovin, (A. Schubert, J. Brown)
  8. It'll Be The Last Time (C. Sprague, Z. Simpson)
  9. Bird Doggin' (K. Colley)
  10. My Baby's Going Away (C. Sprague)
  11. Don't You Know (C. Sprague)
  12. The Mongoose (L. Schifrin)

Available on 12" multi-colored vinyl - Limited Pressing of 500 copies

The Outta Sites are back on the scene with another spin for your record machine! The success of their first platter has paid off, making them in demand on the bandstand! Only a group that has gigged endlessly can exude such versatility and energy, which is heard in this new stomping release by The Outta Sites. Chris, Jason, Pete and Zack are the dynamic young lads of The Outta Sites. Together, they've come up with a sound stylistically reminiscent of The British Invasion. What they're putting down isn't some sort of nostalgia trip. This is what real Rock and Roll sounded like before hippies and squares messed everything up.

The twelve tracks heard here could easily all be smash bits. Highlights include such great uptempo originals like; "It'll Be The Last Time," "Let Yourself Go," and "My Baby's Going Away." The pace is slowed down briefly on a few equally great and moody numbers; "Don't You Know," "Please Don't Cry," and "Never Have I Seen." The Outta Sites have also put their own unique brand on cool covers including James Brown's "Good Good Lovin'," The Marathon's "Peanut Butter," Willie Mitchell's "That Driving Beat" and Brian Diamond And The Cutters classic "Shake, Shout & Go." Plus the tune "Bird Doggin'," which was originally waxed by Gene Vincent. The album concludes with the amazing instrumental and organ workout, "The Mongoose." Listen to The Outta Sites latest creation and you will agree that it's just outta this world! - Allen Charmin' Larman

File under: Early 60's Rock and Roll, Merseybeat, British Invasion, Garage Rock

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